S/S Friends Summer Collection


After years spent toiling behind closed doors in their Cobble Hill home, Brooklyn's S/S Friends released their inaugural clothing line this summer. The term "clothing line" itself may be limiting, however. Founded by a designer and musician, S/S Friends makes a point to pair their garments with other media, namely music.

Take their Original Trunks (pictured at right) for example. The classic cotton shorts are pared with S/S Friends' reggae-tinged "Easy Street" seven-inch record.

Or if you're a completist, you can purchase their "Summer Kit" (pictured below) featuring the entire season of items. In addition to the shorts and record, it includes a copy of the S/S Friends 'zine, a clever Volkswagen Bus record player, buttons, sunscreen and other surprise goodies.


To purchase a Summer Kit, or any of the featured items, send them an email to ss [at] friendscanvastrunks [dot] com. or check out a number of New York stores.