Luxe Summer Basics from Goodlife Clothing

Fabric-forward terry and cotton apparel that's as soft as it looks


Clothes aren’t everything, but the right clothes at the right time can make all the difference—especially when it comes to kicking back in the summertime. NYC-based apparel-maker Goodlife comes correct just in time for the warmer months with a line of T-shirts, henleys, sweats and swimwear. Channeling past and present design cues, the collection balances timelessness with contemporary styling. “The idea of the brand is that Goodlife basics are essentials that are always with you—regardless of where you are or where you’re going,” founder Chris Molnar explains.


Goodlife garb is entirely made in the US from domestically sourced fabrics, and Molnar draws influence from a wide range of sources—and it’s evident in the collection. Classic henley T-shirts run alongside incredibly soft Baja terry pullovers, perfect for when the sun starts to set on the beach or poolside. “We are influenced by all things style,” Molnar tells CH. “We draw seasonal inspirations from everything from cars, architecture and interiors to travel destinations.”


The triple-loop terry blend can be found throughout the collection in shirts, pants, pullovers and our favorite—terry sweatshorts. It’s the perfect summer alternative to fleece or cashmere. Shop the collection at the Goodlife webstore where T-shirts start at $55.

Images by Cool Hunting