Sticks & Stones

Deer antler, vegetable ivory and Purpleheart wood make up this Portland jeweler's newest edition

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Admired by locals in the know, Portland, OR-based Sticks & Stones has flown under the mainstream radar since launching their stunning accessories line in 2009. As the name implies, materials like wood, fine metals and precious stones have remained at the core of their designs. Their recently launched Spring/Summer 2011 collection finds the brand adding an intriguing set of new materials to their lineup, with jewelry made from deer antlers, purpleheart wood and vegetable ivory.

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The colors of deer antlers span gorgeous milky white, caramel, stark black and gray. Since deer naturally shed their antlers each season, not only are the animals unharmed but Sticks & Stones makes beautiful use of an otherwise unused material. The deer antler pieces keep to an inherently beautiful earthy vibe, but those looking for a little more can add a premium black diamond set in 18k gold bezel.

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Using organic Central American vegetable ivory, Sticks & Stones creates unique pieces like the “Dirty Peach”and the “Egg” (made from the Piassaba Palm). The Purpleheart’s unique grain and natural purple pigment make for built-in beauty, which intensifies once exposed to oxygen and light. Once the desired color is reached, rich oils are used to seal its original luster.

Sticks & Stones’ arduous production process includes hand sanding to bring the wood to its smoothest state, followed by weeks of curing in oils to ensure the piece is strong enough to withstand all elements the Pacific Northwest is known for. With impeccable craftsmanship and a distinct combination of materials, each handmade piece is truly one of a kind.

Sticks & Stones is available in select stores in Oregon and through their online boutique.

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