Talon Amulettes

Ward off evil with vintage-inspired vial necklaces

talon3.jpg talon2.jpg

Ancient Babylonians warded off evil spirits with them, and Romans used the mini vessels to collect luck from fertility god Priapus, but today’s mystics may want to turn to jeweler Emily Hirsch’s new multi-purpose amulet line Talon for a vintage-inspired take on the concept.

Designed to protect from evil, intoxicate lovers, enhance moods and interact with spirits, the cork-topped vial necklaces are filled with aromatic fragrances, making for a good luck charm that also lends a little ’70s Steve Nicks style to a look.

Though she now lives and works in Brooklyn, Hirsch drew on her Northern California roots to design the two oil blends citing inspiration like apple trees mixed with leather and a picnic in the grass. The resulting signature scent is a dark and earthy tabacco aroma with hints of sweet orange blossom, while Valor combines a light jasmine scent with the herbal touch of tuberose.


Each amulet, handmade in either silver, glass or bronze, comes with a gold-filled chain and sells for $250 from the Talon site.