Tattoo Brite

Brighten your ink with this must-have tattooceutical


Tattooceuticals is now an official skincare product category with the launch of Tattoo Brite, a skin cream that brightens your tattoos. We were surprised at how well it works on both first use as well as after several weeks’ use—the ink around CH HQ is noticeably brighter and the lines crisper.

Tattoo Brite innovates by treating the epidermis as well as the dermis (where the ink rests). The cream includes a patent pending “InkBrite” formulation that reaches and supports the pigments deep in your skin and also fights inflammation, another source of tattoo degradation. On the surface of your skin it both exfoliates and provides 20 SPF. The sun protection comes from pure titanium dioxide, an all natural, mineral source.

A 2.5 oz/70g tube of Tattoo Brite retails for around $25 and is available online and at these retailers, including Ricky’s in New York City and Colette in Paris.