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The Laundry Bag

Duffleg Front Used
Sqw Hanging Side
Ti Shoulder

The Laundry Bag solves a need many of us have: Where to put our dirty laundry and how to get it to the laundry (or laundry room) in style. Fortunately the design savvy peeps at The Laundry Bag have created three different bags, each with a variety of pockets/bags/compartments to store your laundry essentials: The Original Laundry Bag US$59.95, The Duffle Laundry Bag US$69.95 and The Travel Laundry Bag US$49.95. Each comes in a few styles and are currently available in many stores in SE Australia (check the site for retailers), at Colette Paris or from The Laundry Bag directly via email.


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