Threadless and Baggu

Artist-designed canvas totes offer a fun and colorful alternative to the boring shopping bag

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thread-bag1.jpg thread-bag2.jpg

Today Threadless launches ten selected designs printed on Baggu Duck bags. With adjustable straps, snap closures and interior pockets, these canvas bags are large enough to carry groceries and strong enough to safely transport books or a a laptop computer. Designs by Ross Zietz include a rainbow umbrella, a swan music note and his “Infinity MPG” white bicycle. On the bag designed by Andy Gonsalves a dove flashes the peace sign.

thread-bag3.jpg thread-bag4.jpg

Ilia Ovechkin’s fuscia “Vampire Orthodontics” design boasts a white toothy grin with pointy fangs sporting silver wires and brackets. Tang Yau Hoong’s “Untitled: Impossible” challenges the viewer optically with connected white lines on navy blue for an Atari-like graphic.

Made from 100% recycled cotton canvas, the $25 totes will be available for a limited time from Threadless. See the remaining six totes in the gallery below.