Tracey Tanner

Timeless leather accessories from an eco-conscious vegetarian

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Brooklyn-based accessories designer Tracey Tanner aims for the highest level of craftsmanship by meticulously handcrafting all of her leather goods in her home studio. A vegetarian, Tanner studied fashion at Pratt’s School of Art & Design and ironically found herself often creating leather wristbands. Now selling in stores like Fred Segal and ABC Carpet & Home, from the start her mission has been to construct striking but durable accessories that will last for years to come.

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In an attempt to cut down on her carbon footprint and contribute to the local art community, Tanner purchases most of her supplies from NYC-based vendors, and donates any leftover scraps. “At times I feel a little conflicted about creating more ‘stuff.’ I try to make a durable, timeless item that won’t be used and thrown away,” she explains. “The pieces that are too small for me to use, I give to a friend that uses them in her jewelry, thus creating less waste and helping another designer.”


Tanner’s collection now includes made-to-order handbags as well as eyeglass cases, coin purses and supple pouches in a variety of sizes, perfect for holding everything from makeup to school supplies. All pieces, made with premium Italian hides, are available in subdued natural leather colors, as well as bright motifs that are cut so that no two pouches have exactly the same pattern.


Recently featured at Rachel Shechtman’s Story shop in Manhattan, Tanner plans to continue expanding her line while remaining “handmade in New York City” throughout all her endeavors. The full line of Tracey Tanner accessories is available for purchase on her website.