Uniqlo Cubes

Japanese apparel giant blankets NYC with retail installations in advance of its largest store opening yet

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Savvy readers may have noticed that we were featured in the Voices of New York campaign last month, the first of many initiatives that Japanese apparel retailer Uniqlo undertook to celebrate the imminent arrival of their two latest NYC flagship stores. Since then, the brand has been literally putting itself on the map by dropping pop-up shops inside of tidy cubes (designed by our friends at HWKN) all over NYC to showcase signature products, like their colorful cashmere sweaters. As if setting up nearly 20 Uniqlo Cubes all across New York wasn’t enough, the brand also launched a preview of an upcoming addition to their activewear offering as styled by Nicola Formichetti.

uniqlo-nicolas2.jpg uniqlo-nicolas1.jpg

It’s easy to forget that Nicola Formichetti is Uniqlo’s Fashion Director, considering his ongoing work with Lady Gaga and designer role at Thierry Mugler. At his low-key TriBeCa storefront, Nicola’s, the Uniqlo Innovation Project, presented a step forward for Uniqlo’s sportier side that bears Formichetti’s touch. The sleek, sparse designs are injected with thoughtful design details that manage to balance style and necessity, with many pieces cut from Uniqlo’s well-known heat retention and water repellent high-tech fabrics. The full range presents a take on “how the future dresses” according to the collection’s site, and will be sure to please fans of versatile and stylish pieces that can transition from play to work and back again.


This weekend, Uniqlo Cubes will be present at the DUMBO Arts Festival helping to celebrate Brooklyn’s place in the art world. Featuring local, national, and international participants, the festival features over 500 participants. Visitors can experience everything from studio visits to musical performances. We particularly recommend paying a visit to experience the Leo Kuelbs Collection’s Immersive Surfaces presentation, which features artists’ works projected onto the stone anchorage that supports the Manhattan Bridge, turning DUMBO itself into a canvas.


We’ll soon be launching a special edition of CH Local highlighting other upcoming events in NYC that Uniqlo Cubes will be present at, along with our favorite spots nearby, so stay tuned!