Fashionable safety-wear for girls


Whether looking for a career repairing highways or simply a girl who likes to jog before sunrise, NYC-based designer Sarah Canner has you covered. Her newly launched label Vespertine applies the essential safety regulations found on high-visibility apparel to a more streamlined silhouette. Canner’s flirty line of vests and scarves would undoubtedly turn a few heads during daylight hours, but with their sustainable reflective fabrics, you’re sure to be noticed even at twilight. The Verspertine collection includes three styles—the Gogo Dirndle, the Vespert and the Sashay scarf.


Styled after the traditional Bavarian corset, the Gogo Dirndle is a body-hugging suspender set that will have you glowing on the dance floor and off. The dirndl, made from mesh, lycra and elastic, features a zippered front, adjustable lace-up back and slim cell phone pocket.


With its geometric bat-like shape, the looser fitting Vespert vest can be easily thrown on over any base layer and snapped shut. 3M reflective straps run from front to back, giving it a seductive crossing-guard effect.


Worn around your neck or across your body, Vespertine’s Sashay scarf is a more discreet way to stay visible. Reflective thread is woven into an English tweed scarf, which stays put with a reflective button.

Prices vary depending on style, but typically span $93-138—a small price to pay for a substantial amount of safety. The vests and scarves sell online from Vespertine.