Vice Scandinavia adicolor Contest


Lystring skandinav!

Vice Scandinavia is hosting a juried design contest for adicolor Adidas sneakers. You have to be a scandalous Scandinavian (från Sverige, Norge eller Danmark—ibland även Finland) to enter by using an entry form in the current Food issue of Vice or downloaded from the website. At a party 21 April 2006 at a secret location in Stockholm, attendees can vote on the top 10 finalists that will be displayed along with a soundtrack by Detroit's DJ Godfather, Bruce Leenus, and a live set by Sway. Though the event's not public, we hear there'll be 100 tickets available at the Adidas Originals Store in Bruno Gallerian around noon the day of the party. Winners will get 10,000 Swedish Kronor ($1200) worth of schwag from the Adidas Originals Store and their design will be promoted on Vice's site.

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