Eight Effective Products for Winter Skincare

Nourishing potions and lotions to keep your skin hydrated in the colder months

Those in the Northern Hemisphere can see the light at the end of the tunnel, but we’re still dealing with icy winds, snowstorms and the strange results of transferring between freezing streets, sweaty subways and stuffy offices. While certainly not the most diabolical of weather-related woes, we all know skin can react badly to colder weather. Here, we have selected some potent and effective products to keep your flesh nourished and healthy. Some are new, while others are older CH favorites.

Intense Night Oil

With a deliciously subtle and natural floral fragrance, Votary’s Intense Night Oil ($150) with rosehip and retinoid helps boost collagen while smoothing fine lines overnight. While rosehip offers antioxidant, the retinoid removes dead skin cells, unblock pores and even out skin tone. Additionally avocado oil replenishes cells and Acmella flower extract helps to make skin firmer—leaving your flesh feeling healthy.

Hand Serum

Even immediately after applying, Susan Kauffmann’s hand serum (€84) feels nourishing but incredibly light—unlike many hand balms and salves, this doesn’t leave skin feeling greasy or slippery. Made with natural ingredients (including oil from purple viper’s bugloss, balloon vine extract and citric acid) the combination strengthens skin, while it feels softer to the touch. Boosting collagen and elasticity, this potion has a faint natural fragrance.

Fur Oil

A delicate blend of grape seed, jojoba, clary sage, peppermint and tea tree oils, this potion is made specifically for pubic skin and hair—but can, of course, be used for facial hair too. Made to nourish flesh that’s often irritated by various modes of hair removal, the oil ($46) is super-gentle (as well as being dermatologically and gynecologically tested) but still effective. This blend also won’t stain, so your favorite underwear is safe.

Hand Repairing Gloves

While perhaps best known for their eye-lifting strips, MagicStripes also offers these hand repairing gloves (€12) that offer intense nourishment. Especially useful in colder, drier months, these gloves are enriched with  natural extracts and oils that remove dead skin cells, repair and moisturize. Additionally, they can gently work to remove age spots and wrinkles.

PRISM Exfoliating Potion

This glow potion ($62) is a super-light and gentle exfoliating serum that contains 5% natural fruit acid. Since it’s made by Herbivore Botanicals, there are no additives or dyes—plus many of the ingredients are certified organic. Creating a subtle tingling on the skin, this potion helps shed dead skin and clears pores—all the while offering a subtle rose fragrance. With no messy removal, the serum can be left on the skin all day and the result is a clearer, smoother complexion.

Moroccan Rose Otto Sugar Body Polish

This cane sugar body polish can be used all year ’round, but it’s invaluable during the winter. Gently exfoliating, REN’s Moroccan Rose Otto Sugar Body Polish ($60) doesn’t leave skin feeling stripped or dry, rather it will feel silky smooth and nourished (thanks to olive and almond oils) and slightly rose-scented. The fragrance is 100% natural, and the dense scrub is also suitable for vegans—plus the brand never uses synthetic microbeads.

White Tower XL Humidifier Diffuser

With a two-liter capacity, GuruNanda’s White Tower XL Humidifier Diffuser ($70) offers 12 hours of continuous essential oil diffusion, all while exuding substantial bubble mist. While the cold winter air saps moisture from your skin and hair, this gadget will put additional moisture into your home—aiding your internal wellness as well as your skin’s hydration. From its patent-pending air funnel to the medical-grade white plastic and gently shifting LED accents, all components are top-tier. And the machine shuts itself off when water is low, removing undue stress.

Rejuvenate Intensive Body Balm

Intensely rich and thick, Aesop’s Rejuvenate Intensive Body Balm ($35) is made for parched skin. An application leaves skin feeling soft and supple, and ultimately nourished thanks to macadamia and sandalwood oils. The fragrance blends citrus and vanilla for a slightly creamsicle-like scent.

Images courtesy of respective brands