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Aether Cone

A new simple, elegant speaker that focuses on a seamless listening experience


In a market saturated with compact music players, it’s refreshing to see a brand that stands out from the pack. With a focus on ease of use and elegant design, the Aether Cone promises to maintain its status as the sleekest container for tunes on the market. Approaching the product with a “package” ethos, Aether engineered a simple player that contains all the components to deliver rich, satisfying sound and also a seamless high-tech experience.


If it’s living on your kitchen counter, it can plug into the wall, hop on your WiFi and have you rocking out to innumerable jams in no time. But it also has an eight-hour battery life so the compact cone can stay with you on the go. Multiple cones can be networked, filling every room in the house with whimsical noodling of your favorite artists. With the goal of creating a seamless, hassle free experience, the Aether cone responds to voice commands. Simply hold the center button and say the name of an artist, song or radio station you want to hear. Instantly the intelligent player pulls up your tunes—no touch-screen or smartphone browsing necessary.


The striking player is also quite bright. The more you use the Aether Cone, the better it gets to know you. The thinking music player learns your likes, and using Rdio’s streaming music service, delivers the songs you love. With the simple interface all you do is turn the front mounted wheel once to change to a similar song or give it a big spin to change the mood completely.

Find the Aether Cone in Black + Copper or White + Silver for $399 at the Aether store.

Thumbnail image courtesy of Aether, all other images by Greg Stefano


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