Aston Martin x Foster + Partners Double Decker Bus


We were just in London on the bus thinking the classic vehicle needed an update. Good thing premier luxury car producer Aston Martin and prominent architectural firm Foster + Partners recently teamed up to give a new spin on the classic London behemoth. The collaboration was prompted by London mayor Boris Johnson, who launched a "Design a Bus" competition last year. The AM/F+P model tied for top honors, with the winning designs now being put through to bus manufacturers for finalization.

The redesign is both plush and efficient. Electric motors in the wheel hubs are the main driving force, resulting in lower floors, easier handicapped accessibility and a 10% increase in turning radius for the formerly clunky buses. The engine is installed in such a manner to be easily swapped when upgrades in fuel-cell technology present themselves. The sky lights on the roof are both invigorating and empowering, providing a refreshing dose of natural sunlight and charging the batteries through photovoltaics.

Incomplete as an Aston Martin without some semblance of luxury, the bus will also feature reconstituted leather seating and recycled wood flooring.

London goers should expect to see the first prototypes take to the streets in 2011.


via Fast Company.