The Blazar by Beacon Audio

Wireless audio done right with clean lines, rich sound and all the necessary features


There’s no shortage of wireless speakers on the market today. With a range of features available; from the water-resistant and beach-ready to the amazingly compact, we’ve been sifting through all of the latest technologies. While the aforementioned aspects are tempting, we’re sticklers for high quality audio mixed with aesthetic design. The Blazar from Beacon Audio, launching today on Kickstarter, ticks all of the necessary boxes for a worthy wireless speaker.

Blazar has a 12-hour battery life, but its most important feature is its audio quality. Slightly larger than most portable wireless speakers on the market, the Blazar has a rich sound that makes up for any size concerns. Offering full 360-degree sound, the Blazar performs like a speaker at a higher price and size. At full volume, the sound remains clear without the rattling tinny noises often heard from wireless speakers. For an even fuller audio experience, pair two Blazars for full stereo sound—with the speakers splitting audio channels to left and right. Meanwhile, a built-in microphone allows for the best sounding speaker-phone we’ve heard and makes conference calls a sonic joy.


With an aluminium exterior, the Blazar not only looks solid—it’s built solid too. Boasting a 1,000-day warranty, the Blazar is a piece you can rely on. A simple but sophisticated design, with minimal branding, also makes the speaker a bit of a show piece.

The Blazar is available for $99 on their Kickstarter, the aluminium model is $124. Set to ship in September and October.

Images by Hans Aschim