TDK’s Water-Resistant Trek 360 Speaker

The compact wireless speaker, in a cube shape, delivers sound from five sides


The market for wireless speakers has reached near-saturation point with just about every electronics company throwing their hat into the ring. In this sea of gimmicky, tinny sounding gadgets, a few makers—mostly audio specialists and companies dedicated to the category—stand out. Offering a sound solution for those who aren’t afraid to get wet and a little dirty, but certainly aren’t willing to sacrifice sound quality, TDK offers the sturdy and capable Trek 360, which connects via Bluetooth. Four powerful internal speakers and a subwoofer are packed into the very portable and compact cube. The sound is equally projected from five of the speaker’s sides, creating a 360-degree (hence the name) listening experience with rich quality.

Better yet, the Trek 360 provides full sound in the outdoors where unidirectional speakers fall short. This, coupled with its water-resistant outer, easy carry handle and over six-hour battery life, make it a great choice for car camping. At roughly the size of a six-pack stood on its side, the handsome speaker shows convenience and durability don’t have to mean poor audio quality. The Trek 360 from TDK is available for $250.

Image by Cool Hunting