aWall aFrame

Customizable audio artwork hides hi-fi speakers in a conventional picture frame


Hiding a high-fidelity speaker system within a traditional wooden picture frame, the aFrame appeals both visually and acoustically. The Brooklyn-based innovator of home audio installation, aWall, custom designs and produces each individual aFrame with a digital amp, Bluetooth reciever, two 6.5″ speakers and two silk tweeters. We recently got a chance to check out this “audio artwork” in person and can vouch for its superior sound quality and craftsmanship.

With dimensions starting at 16″ x 20,” the frames and their internal speakers can be built up to several feet in width, depending on the size of the artwork (customers can customize their own paintings or photographs to fill the frame). The company prefers to work with dense hardwoods like maple, but the aFrame can be outfitted with any type of timber—even reclaimed barn wood.

The customizable options, from the artwork to frame stain and finish, allow the customer to work with a blank canvas of sorts. Besides the subtle aesthetics, the aFrame has Bluetooth capabilities and can network with existing home stereos, making it a practical piece for the living room, the office or any place where a typical stereo system may seem out of place.

aFrame-1.jpg aFrame-4.jpg

A standard aFrame—overall size 18″ x 22″—goes for $695, with an image of your choice (you can print your own or choose from their selection) and a 1″ solid maple frame. Visit aWall online to learn more about this unconventional concept in home audio, designed and produced by hand.