Track plant health with a personal gardening assistant


Bitponics is a combination sensor device and open-source software system designed by two plant-loving engineers. Whether you can barely keep alive a cactus or you’re a serious green thumb looking to monitor a new strain of tomatoes, Bitponics can help. Dubbed “your personal gardening assistant” by creators Michael Doherty and Amit Kumar—who are currently seeking funding for the project on Kickstarter—the twofold concept works with any hydroponic growing system by monitoring the sensor readings and logging them to your online account.


The tracking device also serves as a functional power station thanks to two outlets, which allow you to plug in timers, lights and pumps. The sensors then monitor everything from nutrient balance for particular growing phases to pH ranges and humidity to lighting cycles. The system is also set up to work with Cosm, allowing you to easily share your data with the rest of the Bitponics community.


Only five days remain for the project on Kickstarter. If successfully funded, the Bitponics system will sell for $395, but those who pledge $250 now will take home the device along with a one-year membership.