BMW Concept X6 ActiveHybrid


The dream of a hybrid BMW just got a little closer to reality with their new X6 concept that was introduced at the Frankfurt auto show over the weekend. Based on the X5, it has a slightly more sleek profile, but still has the robust look to make it a "Sports Activity Vehicle" (SAV), as BMW calls it.

Looks aside, the vehicle features a two-mode hybrid gasoline-electric engine developed with partners GM and DaimlerChrysler that increases miles per gallon by 20%. Much like other hybrids, the SAV operates using either electric power or internal combustion depending on whether the car's at a lower or higher speed and generates energy from braking. Unique to BMW, the X6 features a panel that conceals the exhaust pipe when it's operating in the electrically.

Rumor has it the car will hit markets as early as mid-next year—dreams really do come true.