Minx Xi Streaming Digital Music System

Cambridge Audio's compact, multifunctional music hub


Easy to set up, easier to use and with top-of-the-line Bluetooth sound streaming,
Cambridge Audio‘s Minx Xi Digital Music System is impressive and versatile. Here at CH HQ, we connected the system to Cambridge Audio’s Aero 2 Stand Mount Speakers (in dark walnut with grilles) and found the system to deliver sharp playback—even at the highest volume levels. Through a wi-fi connect and a dedicated iOS or Android app, you can channel audio from internet radio, any streaming service or your own music collection. In addition, the system can easily connect with any brand of Bluetooth-enabled device for sharing all your favorite tracks.


The sleek, clean design and compact size make it a stylish, yet unobtrusive home stereo option. The interface is easy to navigate, either through the accompanying remote or your personal device. In addition to the Bluetooth streaming, wireless or wired network connectivity, the Minx Xi can also connect with set-top boxes and games consoles through digital inputs. The system also has two USB inputs and three analog sockets, making it supremely functional as a hub for all sound needs. Once connected, plenty of premium components enhance sound, including a Class AB amplifier that enhances sound with low distortion and excellent power efficiency, an oversized toroidal power supply and a Wolfson WM8728 24-bit/96kHz digital-analog converter for pulling out all the flourishes of a song.


While the Minx Xi can wirelessly play back music stored on any UPnP server, NAS drive or computer, it also provides its own internet radio options, allowing for plenty of discovery. There’s a global, ad-supported, options list—from Bob Dylan radio to African jazz. Pre-existing built-in support also accommodates the BBC iPlayer Radio, Pandora and Rhapsody (but unfortunately no Spotify). When it comes to your personal collection, regardless of how you store your music, you’re guaranteed to get the best in sound quality. All of the high-end sound components within this well-designed, easy-to-use device make it a valuable investment if you’re looking for a new home sound system.

Minx Xi is available online for $899; the Aero 2 speakers are also available online for $499.

Photos by David Graver