Freekibble was started by Mimi Ausland, a 12-year-old girl passionate about animals, and with her efforts and supporters, the site has raised 50 tons of food for needy animals in shelters to date. By working with founding sponsor Castor and Pollux Pet Works and using an interactive trivia game, the project raises awareness and provides easy and fun ways to help out.

The online game educates players about pet health and, whether they answer correctly or incorrectly, every click provides animal shelters with 10 pieces of kibble. So far the site has served over one million hearty meals.

Another way to help feed the hungry animals is by purchasing Mac and Cheese flavored dog cookies ($5) produced by Castor and Pollux, along with FreeKibble tees ($18) and cat food ($12). Each box of doggie treats purchased donates one meal to FreeKibble.