Superplastic Launches With “JANKY,” a Limited Edition Artist-Designed Toy Collection

Kidrobot founder's new company taps 16 famous creatives for charming iterations on one figure

Presented by Superplastic

Launching today, Paul Budnitz’s new company Superplastic is making a splash from the get-go—smashing its goal in the few hours between going live and officially kicking off. The Kidrobot founder has teamed up with renowned toy artist Huck Gee for the new brand and their first line of toys hits Kickstarter today. Gee (head of art and production) and Budnitz have tapped 16 of their favorite artists including McBess, Camilla d’Errico, Pete Fowler, Dalek and more for the limited edition launch collection of 20 three-inch toys; each artist’s creation is unique and charming (a few larger toys are also part of the collection). From Ricardo Cavolo’s trippy take to Sket’s equally terrifying and cute creature, there’s an edition to please just about every taste. Each JANKY toy comes in its own sealed box, and each is a surprise (though buying a case of 24 increases your odds of getting more of the launch edition).

Everybody from sneakerheads (each figure features one of six removable sneakers) to toy enthusiasts, art collectors and more can find a JANKY figure to enjoy. Half the fun is the anticipation, as your backing could score you a super-rare JANKY that you can be proud to own.

A pledge of $28 secures three limited edition JANKYs (with first backers getting a fourth free) from this launch collection; for passionate collectors a $5k backing will secure one of just 10 exclusive, handmade four-foot-tall JANKY sculptures. Of course there are plenty of options in between, and a host of challenges, such as posting your own JANKY drawing to social media, helps unlock all kinds of additional JANKY items, including a $1 bonus JANKY for all backers.

Check out Superplastic’s JANKY toy Kickstarter launch and be part of the hype.

Images courtesy of Superplastic