CH25: Sarah Kunst

The tech triple threat who’s single-handedly changing the landscape for women

What is a venture capitalist’s role in the design process? By rewarding ideas they deem worthy with big checks, they have arguably the most pivotal role of all. Since these people are the deciders, how good of a job can they do choosing what will best serve you and I if none of them happen to be like us? That, in a nutshell, is the argument for diversity in this rarified world. Played out in the microcosm of panelists at tech conferences, the contrast is particularly stark; women, for example, represent half of consumers yet a vanishingly small percentage of those invited to speak.

Sarah Kunst, a member of that small percentage, worked her way up from collegiate body-spray pitch-woman to one of those vaunted check-writers. Focused on tech, she supports companies like the one with a disruptive idea for indoor urban farming that could revolutionize the broken American food system. In her spare time, she laser-cut through the underrepresentation of women at tech conferences with her Female Investors Opportunities List. Next, she is training her eye on the bloat and lack of accountability in the academic sector, which could have a major impact on the student-loan-burdened masses yearning to breathe free.

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