Chris Hornbecker: 1 millimeter a day


Photographer Chris Hornbecker challenged himself with an interesting project last year. The idea was to take a brand new photo each day. Beginning at 14mm, Hornbecker zooms the lens by 1 millimeter a day and uses that focal length to shoot and post a photo before going to sleep each night. The photo above was taken at 27mm. The photo below is at 387mm.


An exercise of restricted view, 1 millimeter a day is an experiment in changing perspective and forces the photographer to shoot in settings he might never otherwise. Through this Hornbecker highlights intrigue in the things we pass by everyday by utilizing light and composition. He will continue this every day until reaching the end of the 1mm lens adjustments at 400mm. Currently at 397mm, there are only three more days until the year long project is finished. Have a flip through the archive to catch up.