Esbee’s Handmade Leather iPhone and iPad Charging Cables

A world's first aimed at preventing fraying and strong enough to tow a car

While the leather encasement might be the most aesthetically alluring feature of Esbee Cables‘ iPhone and iPad charging wires, it’s arguably not the most important. Yes, electric insides are wrapped in luxuriant, handmade leather that prevents fraying and even tangles—but the wiring itself is an advancement. Traditional copper wires have been tin-plated for extra-durability. Four wires run inside each cable, two dedicated to power and two relegated to data. All have been fortified by an 18-strand braided mesh (more than double the usual)—and to top it off, there’s ultimately five layers of insulation (two more than industry standard). This is a beautiful advancement sporting top functionality.

Founder Moazzam Khan and members of his team come from a mechanical engineering background, which lends the cables their thoughtful edge. And with 60% more thickness than regular power wires, they’re built to last. (Khan even has a video of him towing a car with an Esbee Cable, if you’re not convinced). The cables come in either Micro USB or lightning cable options, all at 24 AWG, and purports fast charging and syncing capabilities. The technology behind the wires inside the cable was developed in collaboration with a company that’s been producing charging cables for 16 years. Though designed in Santa Barbara, the leather has been drawn from tanneries in Pakistan, where it is applied by hand to the cables. Altogether, it’s a very thoughtful luxury accessory that delivers.

You can snag an Esbee Cable, in either two classic hide leather options or five vibrant suede colorways, on Kickstarter now for a pledge of $26.

Images courtesy of Esbee Cables