A seven-ounce shoe offering the many health benefits of running barefoot


A pared down approach to running, the ultra-lightweight Evo performance shoe allows the foot to fully flex, freeing it from superfluous padding while still offering strong support. Part of Terra Plana’s VivoBarefoot collection, the brand based the design on the biomechanical benefits of running barefoot—a method believed to strengthen the foot and ankle muscles while realigning the body’s natural posture.

We recently put the Evos to the test, tasking a runner with wearing them while training for NYC’s half marathon. While she reports that the initial barefoot feeling seemed slightly strange, overall she found the shoes extremely comfortable, even helping to alleviate an old foot injury.

evo-barefoot2.jpg evo-barefoot3.jpg

Without the interference of a thick sole, the foot’s 2,000 nerve endings stimulate senses all over the body from the tonsils to the kidneys, making for a healthier and more complete workout. The structure compels the foot to land on the ball or mid-range area instead of the heel, not only reducing the impact on the foot (and potential injuries) but also allowing the runner to use energy stored in the Achilles tendon and longitudinal arch.

A collaboration between Terra Plana owner Galahad Clark and head designer Asher Clark (seventh-generation shoemakers of the renowned Clark’s family), Evo sells online or from Terra Plana stores around the world for $160.