FishPhone Text Messaging Service


Without FishPhone, an SMS-based application that keeps up-to-date statistics on the nebulous field of ocean friendly seafood, eating fish can be like walking a minefield these days. You shouldn't get the Yellowfin Tuna or risk eating mercury. The Atlantic Cod doesn't have an unhealthy chemicals, but decades of overfishing have left populations at a historic low and bottom trawling causes even more environmental degradation. So how do you know what's safe to eat?

FishPhone can be accessed at the fishmongers (or anywhere) via your mobile phone simply by texting 30644 with the message "FISH," followed by the name of the fish in question. You'll soon receive a response text with the makers of the service, Blue Ocean Institute's, assessment. And if your seafood of choice ends up being of dubious quality or harmful to the environment, they'll offer some better alternatives.

If you're the proud owner of an iPhone or other device capable of accessing the Internet, FishPhone is conveniently formatted for mobiles. Visit and you can view the list or download it to help solve your next vexing seafood selection session.