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Genevieve Bell: Other Internets


Intel's Genevieve Bell is nearing completion of her 3 year long study on the role technology plays in Asian culture. The anthropologist shadowed families and individuals in India, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, China and Korea and learned first hand many important factoids for designers and engineers alike.

During her travels, Ms. Bell found people in China who take their mobile phones to a temple to be blessed, Muslims who used the GPS capabilities of their phones to locate Mecca for their prayers and Asian families who burned paper cell phone offerings for their ancestors to use in the next world.

Janet Rae-Dupree, San Jose Business Journal
But these anecdotes are just a few of the ones related specifically to mobile phones. Her study goes much deeper with the intent of helping to foster a better understanding of how technology fits in to the Asian lifestyle. The MIT Press will be publishing Bell’s work under the title Other Internets
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