Pet Wellness Brand Happy Again’s Joint Care Supplements

Made in Germany to help with canine musculoskeletal issues

A story—and product—quite dear to us, Happy Again is a Berlin-based dog wellness company that we’ve been fans of for years. They’ve formulated a collagen, glucosamine and hyaluronic acid blend and bundled it in a supplement form. Its goal: to help dogs with joint issues to recover and thrive. We started testing Happy Again with Logan (who’s now almost 15 years old) a couple years ago after he had multiple herniated discs in his spine and was prescribed three months of kennel rest to recover. After only two months, he was better and even more mobile and agile than before. As of this week, Happy Again is now available in the US, making it much easier to procure.

There’s thoroughly developed science at play here, beginning with the fact that dogs’ joints are composed (predominantly) of collagen. As with all living things, dogs’ collagen breaks down over time, and ultimately disappears. With dogs, this results in a break down of cartilage as well—and then a break down of the functionality cartilage provides. Collagen can return with oral supplements, studies undertaken by Happy Again have shown. Their particular blend stimulates biosynthesis in articular cartilage. Pain points receive support.

Ingredient quality is the highest possible, with no sugar, preservatives or artificial flavors added. All ingredients are active, and the the collagen is pharmaceutical grade. It’s all made in Germany, even the products now distributed stateside.

You can purchase a Happy Again trial package (which includes a one-pound bag and glass storage jar) online for $39.

Images courtesy of Happy Again