Laundry Dropps


For city-dwellers too lazy to haul jugs of detergent, the environmentally-minded and/or those just sick of drips and spills, Laundry Dropps are convenient little dissolving detergent pods that cut down waste and clean duds naturally.

About the size of a C battery, each "dropp" contains super-concentrated detergent without any of the extra junk found in other detergents. In addition to being phosphate (bad for aquatic life) and NPE (bad for fish)-free (the unscented and dye-free version is also free of harsh enzymes. A lack of enzymes also keeps colors looking brighter longer.
The portability not only makes trips home from the supermarket and to the laundromat easier, but the reduction is packaging is pretty dramatic (about 300x less plastic) and the reduced weight and bulk cuts down on fuel and delivery boxes.

The pods are septic-friendly, completely biodegrade, compatible with energy-efficient washers, safe to use on delicates and, in my experience, extremely easy to use. Throw one or two pods in the machine (depending on the size of the load) and your clothes will come out fresh and clean (without any of the softeners or other icky residue that other detergents often leave).

Laundry Dropps start at around $25 for a pack of three 20-drop pouches and are available directly from Amazon.