ITP Spring Show 2006


Each ITP (Interactive Telecommunications Program) expo seems bigger, crazier, and more well-produced than the next. Last week's show was no exception with projects like the De-Painter, a machine that uses viewers' movements to generate paintings, and a Bluetooth person-tracking system called BlueWay. The digital readout pictured above left is Robert Seward's trippy Consciousness Field Resonator that takes the concept behind Princeton's Global Consciousness Project and integrates it into a personal device designed to resonate with users by alluding to uncanny correlations. If you really want to geek out, Seward's website has instructions for how to create your own True Random Number Generator. Other pieces were much more literal translations of much less metaphysical subjects, like Dimensional Cursive (pictured left) , which transforms script into three dimensions and reminds of Fred Eerdekens' work. Look out for more, including a piece incorporating the algorithms of sunlight reflecting off of water and a zipper orchestra, in a Cool Hunting Video later this week.

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