ITP Spring Show 2008


Spring in NYC means trees in full bloom, lightened moods and NYU's semi-annual mega-exhibit of art and technology, the ITP show taking place this year 12-13 May 2008. While every season promises an outpouring of creativity, this time around I was particularly intrigued by a project more straightforward than most but with a subject after my own (and Josh's) heart called "Born Dropped Out, The Hippie Kid Stories." The undertaking is simply a site documenting stories of the children of hippies in short video interview format and full of the drug references you might imagine.

Other more ITP-like offerings include Brush Bots, which are little motorized paint brushes, Waves of Leaves, an interactive ceramic sculpture, Table for Electronic Dreams, which visualizes the electricity in mobile phones and other gadgets and Jealous Furniture, a concept that puts furniture in the role of monitoring internet use.

On that note, nothing beats seeing the projects in person and talking to the creators. If you're in the NYC area next week, it's worth checking out.
ITP Spring Show 2008

12-13 May 2008, 5-9pm
Tisch Building
721 Broadway, 4th Floor
New York, NY 10003 map

tel. +1 212 998 1880

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