James Clar



ITP alum, James Clar is an artist who works with LEDs to create visually delicious information displays. His 3D display cube (left) is made from 1000 individually programmable LEDs that can be animated to chow spatial movement. The Square Eclipse (right) animates ambient light reflected off the surface it's mounted on. There are a few movies on his site that show these, and several other pieces in motion. via mocoloco

Josh Rubin

Josh Rubin

Josh Rubin is COOL HUNTING's founder, editor and executive creative director. He brings his background as a photographer and expertise as a user experience designer to his point of view on what makes a good story for CH—this most often include some kind of intersectionality between art, culture, technology and design. Josh is a bit of an urban hippie, obsessed with most things Japanese, a Sealyham Terrier lover and very food motivated.

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