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Leica Releases its Quietest Camera Yet

The M10-P is the stealthier, lighter-footed sibling of the M10

Leica, today, unveils its quietest and most discreet camera yet. The M10-P is an inconspicuous addition to the M series—embodying everything the classic rangefinders are known for, but taking it up a notch (or down, depending on how you look at it). With a near-silent shutter and the omission of Leica’s recognizable red dot branding, this camera becomes an impressively unobtrusive option for close-range and stealthy shots. As result, it’s the brand’s most well-tuned option for street photography. During initial testing we were impressed that, despite the shutter being so quiet, there’s still that all-important and satisfying feeling in the body of the camera when the curtain releases.

In addition to the camera’s updated audible and aesthetic features, its technical aspects—a new touch-function system (with swiping and pinch-to-zoom) and built-in Level Gauge—are a step up from its series sibling, the M10. The M10-P is finished off with a color-matched metal hot shoe cover to stay sleek.

This release comes with the same full metal housing, accentuated by a synthetic leather covering and rubber seals to withstand light rain, wind and dust. The M10-P comes in black or silver finishes. Its dimensions and weight are nearly identical to the M10—with the updated M10-P being about 15 grams heavier.

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Mathieu Bitton, a longtime Leica user, Grammy-nominated artist, and professional photographer, says that this camera let him take photos other cameras would’ve otherwise squandered. “Never before have I shot with a more discreet camera,” he shared alongside presenting us with a photo of Lenny Kravitz sleeping. (And no, he didn’t wake up as the shot was taken.)

The Leica M10-P ($7,795) is available now and can be ordered through Leica’s online store.

Images provided by Leica and Mathieu Bitton

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