Lexus HS Hybrid 10


A recent stay in Miami for Art Basel afforded us the opportunity to test out the new Lexus HS Hybrid 10. The ventilated seats kept us cool as we cruised around for the week, and the extra highway and city mileage meant we rarely had to pause for a fill-up, but what we loved most about the car was its smart technology.


Because it uses a hard drive, the voice-activated navigation system functions more smoothly and much quicker than most models, which usually run off a DVD. Popping up from the dashboard console when in use, the system also provided traffic and weather reports in real-time mode, rerouting us around heavily congested areas. Another convenient time-saving feature, the optional Enform program connects remotely to a computer or iPhone for sending destination points to the system ahead of time and storing them until needed.


The steering wheel features sensors on each of the five built-in controls, replicating the driver's movements onto the heads-up display on the instrument panel, forcing eyes to stay on the road.


Innovative and a pleasure to drive, the Lexus HS Hybrid 10 sells at local Lexus dealers with a sticker price of $38,000.