Light and Motion Seca 700 Cycling Light


Crossing the Williamsburg Bridge on my second night using the Seca 700 cycling light, I overheard an oncoming cyclist say to his friend, "Now that's a light." And what a light it is.

Designed and manufactured in California by Light and Motion, a company with twenty years experience producing high-powered, tailored beam lighting for both diving and cycling, the Seca 700 is the ultimate component for nocturnal trail riding.

The Seca 700 harnesses the power of six LEDs encased in a custom reflector that focuses the top three on a deep spot, with the bottom three turned to the immediate front and sides (a feature I found helpful in dodging potholes). Boasting multiple output settings varying from 150 to a whopping 700 lumens, the Seca 700 does require quite a bit of juice. The race version (which we tested) comes with a six-cell 11.1v Li-ion battery that provides a 3.5 hour run time at the brightest output, and quick two hour recharge.


Weighing in at 520g for the race version, the Seca 700 is surprisingly nimble. Like the rest of Light and Motion's range, the Seca utilizes a simple tool-free mounting system that allows the user to easily change the lamp from a bar-mount to a helmet-mount and concurrently move the battery from the top-tube to a backpack.

With a suggested retail of $549, the Seca 700 Race is obviously geared toward the hard-core trail rider. Frankly, the light pollution native to our modern metropolis means much of the Seca's power would go unnoticed on city streets. Still, Light and Motion produces a range of products that will meet the needs of most any cyclist. The Stella 200, a compact single beam lamp, is our pick for city riding.