London Design Festival iPhone App

Weave your way through the fair with a handy tool that fits right in your back pocket

ldf-app1.jpg ldf-app2.jpg

Like many of the world’s art and design fairs, when the London Design Festival began 10 years ago, the biggest challenge was actually navigating the event itself. Always teeming with a surplus of exciting offerings from across the creative disciplines, fairs present a vast array of work under one roof and wading through it can be a daunting task for even a seasoned journalist. Add to that a proliferation of satellite fairs that now orbit the main event and the idea of covering every square inch feels like an assignment unfit for its title.

Demonstrating why it’s not to be missed, the annual LDF created an ingenious iPhone app that organizes the insanity by date, location, event and category—essentially any which way you can slice it. If you find an event that requires tickets or registration, you can seamlessly sign up without ever leaving the app. You can also keep track of the events that interest you most with the star system, which adds your favorites to an easily retrievable list.

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Whether it’s at the main fair or further off the grid, the app supplies you with all the necessary information to make sure you don’t miss a thing. An invaluable tool for anyone attending LDF next week or a great resource for anyone afield, the LDF iPhone app is available for free from iTunes.