Loomo, the Mobile Robot Sidekick from Segway

On Indiegogo now, an electronic companion with advanced computer vision, carrying capabilities and an expressive personality

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A visual analysis of Loomo gives quite a bit away. First, its wheels and connective feet-platform nods to its parent company, Segway Robotics, which makes sense as Loomo is a personal, self-balancing transporter itself. But when you look Loomo in the face, or screen, something else is evident: personality. The robot has an emotion engine, powering lighthearted expressions that are actually quite endearing. Everything in between just hints to what Segway Robotics plans on doing with it. Right now, Loomo can be controlled in many ways: a smartphone app, voice-command, gestures and touch-sensors. With an auto-follow function, it can autonomously track you and film stabilized footage along the way. Over-the-air updates will continue to enhance Loomo’s capabilities, with the goal being a lovable personal sidekick.

Plenty of technology is at play with Loomo that isn’t evident to users. From 400 self-balancing patents to an easy-to-learn (but custom) Android operating system, there’s cutting-edge innovation powering the companion. Of all notable attributes, the Intel RealSense ZR300 camera employs motion and depth-tracking in order to avoid obstacles. A five-microphone system determines voice/noise direction and recognizes voice commands. Sensors galore detect objects and prevent falls. And as it’s on wheels, Loomo can reach speeds of up to 11mph for a distance up to 22 miles.

A Loomo Indiegogo pledge starts at $1299. That package includes the robot, an AC/DC adapter, an air tap and a USB 3.0 Type-C cable. Delivery is expected in May.

Images courtesy of Segway Robotics