New Moment Camera Cases + Lens For iPhone 7

Three new photo support devices, including a case with a DSLR-like shutter button and cinema mountable glass

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As Apple continues to make substantial improvements to the iPhone’s camera, accessories-makers are advancing along with them. Moment, an iPhone camera lens and case company, hits Kickstarter today with three new products for the iPhone 7. The Moment Kickstarter offers a new case for affixing multiple lenses, a battery-equipped case offering the same, and a new aspherical wide lens. Moment approaches smartphone accessorizing from the camera first—distancing themselves from competitors. They also spend time in the outdoors taking photos with their customers. And an addition to their roster like the battery case demonstrates a fuller understanding of all consumer needs. Fortunately, the price point is held to a reasonable standard, as well.

Both of the new case options showcase ergonomic improvements from the previous Moment releases. During case development, much attention was paid to the way people hold their iPhone when taking a photo and when texting or making a call. The iPhone 7 and 7+ Battery Photo Case offers a 100% recharge. It also receives a charge from the iPhone lighting connector, as opposed to a micro-USB. Finally, it comes complete with an electronic DSLR-like shutter button. The exceptionally thin Photo Case option comes in American Dark Walnut or Black Coated Canvas colorways, but of course foregoes all of the power features and upgraded camera trigger. And while the case supports Moment’s lenses, it’s hugely valuable as a camera-first battery without the added accessories.

The new wide lens does require one of the two new cases for iPhone, but it also works with Google Pixel phones and Galaxy S7s. It features a complete optical redesign in order to correspond with the latest iPhone’s aperture speed f/1.8 and next generation 12MP sensors. Moment refers to this new lens as the best they’ve ever created. It also clocks in at half the price of a competitive Zeiss lens. Coupled with either case and a revamp to the free, dedicated Moment app, this is a worthy accessory for photographers who take iPhone shooting with the utmost seriousness—though rookies can benefit too.

You can support Moment on Kickstarter now. A Photo Case pledge is listed at $25, a Start Kit (with lens and lens cap) for $105 and a Standard Kit (with two lens options and two caps) for $189. A Starter Kit with a Battery Case begins at $149. These are substantial reductions from the projected retail cost.

Images courtesy of Moment