New Tech Pairings

Get more out of your gadgets with these tech add-ons

If there’s any theme to the newsworthy items found at CES this year, it’s the concept of the add-on gadget. From tweeting from a camera to printing mobile pictures and avoiding speeding tickets with phones, here are a few new things you can do when devices start talking to each other.


Polaroid Grey Label Printer

The lesser-hyped product from Polaroid’s new Gaga designed line, the GL10Grey Label printer uses a new Zink (zero ink) printing technology to print quality 3″x4″ shots sent to the device via Bluetooth from a Blackberry or Android app. It gives the option of printing border-less or with an old-school white frame, and offers a variety of special effects. With its chic leather carrying case, it makes a great accessory for taking out to a party. Due out this May, the printer will run $150.


Olympus PP1 Penpal

To trick out their new E-PL2 micro four-thirds camera, Olympus’ PP1 Penpal fits into the flash hotshoe. When in place, a “share” option appears on the playback screen to transfer that picture to Blackberry or Android devices via Bluetooth. The pic lands in your photo library so it can be easily posted to Twitter, Facebook, Flickr or anywhere else you share photos from your phone. It’s available from Olympus retailers now for $80.


Surc Univeral Remote iPhone Case

Not the first but potentially the most powerful, this iPhone case and accompanying software turns phones into universal remotes. You can easily add devices and rooms to be able to use it anywhere in your home, or launch a “Surc attack” in your favorite bar and change the TV station so that you never miss an episode of Real Housewives. It comes out this spring and will retail for $70 from Surc.


Cobra iRadar

With Cobra iRadar a simple radar detector becomes more powerful by pairing with your iPhone. The app tracks driving information, avoids red light cameras and notes speed traps. It’s available from
several retailers
now for $130.


Parrot Astroid

The Parrot Astroid is a single-plug in-dash receiver with a simple interface and a high-res color screen featuring web apps, voice recognition, music playback and hands-free telephony—all by communicating with your mobile phone over Bluetooth.