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Marcos Weskamp has completed his most recent project, Newsmap— the most impressive news headline visualization software I have ever seen. Many designers have attempted to create new formats for communicating recency, relevance and volume for news headlines, and the results have often been pretty. Newsmap is visually stunning, but it goes a step further than the others by being useful and usable as well. Newsmap content comes from a live Google News feed, so you know it's accurate. The visualization includes horizontal, color coded bands for categories and larger font sizes to indicate the number of related stories. This treatment not only illustrates the hottest topics of the moment, it also reveals underlying patterns in news reporting.

Thanks, Kent!

UPDATE: 14 February 2006 We lost the original image that went along with this post which is why the graphic above has news from 2006 despite the fact that we posted this in 2004.