Ora Ïto Mobility Collection

The celebrated French industrial designer's eponymous brand launches tech accessories accented with Kvadrat textiles


While navigating the endless aisles of tech brands—both young and old—at CES last week, we came across Ora Ïto, a design-driven accessory brand we first noticed back in 2006. Led by celebrated French industrial designer Ita Morabito (aka Ora Ïto), the label acts as an outlet for his prolific mind, often working with major brands to produce everything from tablet covers and headphones to furniture, homewares and even perfume. Of particular interest however, is the new Mobility collection, designed around a cohesive, fashionable aesthetic created in part by the use of Kvadrat textiles.

ora-ito-ipad-cover.jpg ora-ito-ITA-case.jpg

The collection includes 13 pieces, each weighing form and function equally to create a range of different products that still feel at home with one another. Kvadrat textiles help develop an approachable sensibility, adding a distinct personality through texture and color. The material is featured on two pairs of headphones and a set of earbuds, a small bluetooth speaker and covers for two smartphones and an iPad as well.

ora-ito-headphone-giotto.jpg ora-ito-headphones-ayrton.jpg

Items lacking the textile touch include four well-designed cables (double USB, car charging USB, European plug, iPhone charger) and a set of earbuds. While these smaller items lack a direct Kvadrat accent, they still feel a part of the collection, thanks in part to a woven body. Each of the cables are architectural in form, and smooth to the touch—a direct reference to collection’s effort to present accessories as items worth attention.


A significant amount of the Mobility collection is currently on preview online from Ora Ïto, though the entire range will be available for purchase towards the end of the month. Visit Ora Ïto to browse the label’s expansive portfolio of past designs.

Images courtesy of Ora Ïto