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Regenesi Sustainable Products

by Paolo Ferrarini of Future Concept Lab


Regenesi, a young Italian company founded by Maria Silvia Pazzi, aims to design, manufacture and market original objects produced from recycled materials.


Focused on maintaining the same aesthetic and fine quality of Italian design but adding sustainability, Regenesi products are both physically and ethically attractive. While the range spans household objects to fashion accessories, it's united by the same novel use of post-consumer materials such as aluminum, glass, plastic, leather and cardboard—all treated with a special processing technique that allows each material to remain identical to its raw form. The care for quality, good taste and beauty—which often lie outside of the eco universe—is a main concern for Regenesi.

To keep with the Regenesi mantra that "there is no contradiction between being function, eco-compatible and beautiful," well-known international designers, such as Matali Crasset, Marco Ferreri, Giulio Iacchetti, Denis Santachiara and Setsu e Shinobu Ito create the collection. In the true spirit of “sustain and be sustainable,†Regenesi also gives space to young designers, both through projects with Italy’s design schools—such as the Polytechnic University of Turin and the University of Venice—and the international community through their website. Products are available online at Regenesi website and at temporary showrooms in major European cities.


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