Positively Dog Training

Masterful advice in an iPad e-book for raising obedient pups


In the right hands, a clicker and a bag of treats can work wonders on an unruly pet. “Positively Dog Training” is a digital book from Open Air Publishing that hopes to provide some teacher training for new masters in the business of sitting, staying and house-breaking. Accompanying instructional writing by author Maggie Marton are video segments starring Denise Herman, a long-time trainer who schooled our office dogs, Otis and Logan—a pair of Sealyham terriers—when they were puppies. The book succeeds as a timesaving, easily navigable interface that is focused on humane and effective methods. Owners concerned with the cost of traditional training schools would be wise to invest in this multimedia aid.


The app starts fittingly with gear, and readers are provided with a substantial buying guide to pick out clickers, leashes, treats and carriers. From there, readers are guided through the tenets of behavioral reward and given instructions on how to implement it in your dog’s daily routine. Beyond basic training practices, the book also deals with special cases, explaining how to reform barkers, jumpers, door dashers and aggressive pups.

“Positively Dog Training” is available for purchase from the iTunes App Store.