Organizing With the Post-it Plus App

A digital tool turning paper and ink into easy-to-organize files for sharing across multiple platforms



In our constant quest to take handwritten material into the digital world, the brand new Post-it Plus App for iOS 8 delivers on a promise of easy organizing and sharing. Whether in collaborative sessions, or just for the sake of jotting ideas down independently, we’ve all used Post-it Notes. Rather than transcribe each individual note, the Post-it Plus App allows up to 50 independent notes be digitized at once. Using the iPhone’s camera within the app allows for an easy capture. From there, multiple notes can be arranged and organized on boards, or in groups—and then shared. All of this is particularly handy in our world of editorial.


There’s an innate draw to Post-it Notes; be that simple, effective color-coded creativity or a desire for quick expression on a manageable, memorable desktop item. Often times, when ideas come in over time for a larger thematic story, or a roundup of cutting edge products, it’s easy to keep track of them on coordinated Post-it Notes. The app furthers the organizational capabilities here. It’s done in two ways: captured, digitized images can be arranged simply on a grid based on a particular session—or rearranged and ordered by thought or theme, where notes can be collected across multiple captures, refined and combined. When writing a longer editorial and linking multiple concepts, a feature like this allows for a preview of structure. All those Post-it Notes carrying story elements collected over time, when digitized and organized, offer insight on the overall shape and direction a piece will take.


When it comes to sharing from inside the app, files can be exported to PowerPoint, Excel, Dropbox, and even PDF. The Post-it Plus App also works across individual user devices. Internally, teams can be formed within the app, allowing for collaborative rearranging, adding or editing. In the world of digital publishing, this grants opportunity for feedback, tweaks and even further ideation in the context of story creation.

Rounding out the features, if inspiration strikes on the go, notes can be made within the app, through note creation. Altogether, the app takes a much loved desktop item to the next level: digital storing, organizing and sharing.

Download the Post-it Plus App for free from the iTunes app store.

Images courtesy of Post-it Brand