An intelligent Wi-Fi system that allows safe, secure connection without a password


Whether it’s hosting a house party or having clients come to your office, chances are you’ve dealt with giving out your network details—and you know it’s a bit of a pain. It can also be a security liability; with so many of your own devices connected, ushering in outside devices increases the likelihood of a network breach. The team at Pylon may have just the solution to these Wi-Fi woes. Currently funding on Kickstarter, the Pylon system allows guests and friends to quickly log onto your network without the hassle of selecting a network and doling out a password. Instead, users simply swipe their device by the Pylon and using near field communication (NFC) and they’re connected. For those devices without NFC (such as the iPhone 5S) simply “bump” your phone to Pylon and get in on the internet party. “The app detects a jolt in your phone’s accelerometer and connects to the Pylon that experienced the same jolt at the same time,” says founder Chris Henseler. Pylon also allows for restricting access or setting time limits on Wi-Fi access, which would normally require changing your network password. While useful at home, the business potential for Pylon is huge (think coffee shop lingerers) and will result in a safer wireless experience for everyone.

Back Pylon early on Kickstarter and get the entire system for just $85—you’ll never have to write out another Wi-Fi password again.

Images courtesy of Pylon Products