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A Healthcare Delivery App That Benefits Nurses and Patients

In Mexico City and Bogotá, residents can order healthcare services—namely clinical lab tests for pregnancy, STIs and COVID-19 as well as vaccinations—through an app called Rappi, which directs a nurse to the user’s home to perform the required treatment. Tests are then taken to the lab and results are received within the next 24 hours. Born during the pandemic, the app offers direct business-to-consumer services at a critical time when people have had to stay at home. Not only does this model benefit patients, who receive quick, efficient medical care, but it also benefits workers. Unlike typical delivery services, which see gig workers in precarious positions and receiving low salaries with few benefits, Rappi offers opportunities for full-time employment with clear, demarcated hours. “For medical workers like us,” says one nurse from Rappi, “it’s very fulfilling to be closer to the patients in times like these.” Learn more about the app and its beneficial labor model at Rest of World.

Image courtesy of Gerardo Vieyra/NurPhoto/Getty Images

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