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Minibar Delivery App

Wine and spirits delivered to your door in an hour or less

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Convenience is key in New York City, especially if you’re planning a last-minute party, have unexpected guests visit or equally unexpected weather drama. With Minibar, a free iOS app available now, your local liquor store (in either Manhattan or Brooklyn) will now deliver to your door in about an hour. The founders, Lara Crystal and Lindsey Andrews, plan on rolling out other boroughs, but have launched with many superb affiliate shops on the island and in Brooklyn that are capable of meeting the within-the-hour delivery deadline. The app is easy to use, the options are beyond plentiful and the overall convenience ultimately make it a must-have.

“Today you are able to get almost everything delivered with the touch of a button—except wine and spirits,” Andrews tells CH. “Thus, we were really excited to bring a new industry online and make people’s everyday lives easier.” Orders do have to be a minimum of $25, but Minibar doesn’t add a delivery fee; the service is free. Instead, they take a small share from the liquor store sale. As for alcohol getting into the hands of minors, all users must show a valid ID to the delivery person or they’re charged a $20 restocking fee. Altogether, it’s a very smart system that will come in handy for many New Yorkers.

Minibar Delivery iPhone app is available online.

Screenshots from the Minibar Delivery app


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