Remastered Photographs From The Apollo Space Missions

NASA’s Apollo mission photographs have been widely circulated for decades, but now remastered versions of the images have been revealed. They appear in a new book called Apollo Remastered, which is filled with photographs from the archive, immaculately restored by Andy Saunders. It’s quite remarkable, when considering the sharpness of the original images, which—Tim Peake, an astronaut who introduces the book, says—is what sparked conspiracy theories in the first place. “Because of the lack of atmospheric haze, the clarity with which you can see in space is incredible. You can see very far and it makes judging distances hard,” he writes. “There’s no haze, no dust. Because of that there’s no scattering of light, so the shadow is crisp and sharp. This is what triggered so many conspiracy theories. People thought: ‘That’s the light you get in a studio.’  And they’re right, but you don’t get that outdoors on Earth. For me, that’s what’s so authentic about these pictures. I think: ‘This is what I relate to. This is space.'” Take a look at the stunning pictures, and read more from the book, at The Guardian.

Image courtesy of NASA/JSC/ASU/Andy Saunders