REX Cultural Recommendation App

Share film, book or food and drink tips with friends easily

When it comes to figuring out how to spend our time—what to watch, where to eat and more—there’s no shortage of recommendation tools powered by algorithms that can do basic pattern-matching, but never really get to know you. The best recommendations, we believe, come from friends and trusted sources. Built on that premise comes REX app for iOS. The easy-to-use, cleanly organized tool allows users to share what they’ve been reading (articles and books), listening to (music and podcasts), watching (videos, films and TV shows) and where they’ve been socializing (restaurants and bars). Users can also click on any category and see what their friends have recommended within. Further, there are expert accounts that can be followed, as well—including a NYC guide by Cool Hunting.

This is beyond Yelp and Foursquare, in that a broader range of cultural activities is targeted. It’s also far easier to sift through than a destination like Facebook. It’s really a home for all interests, easily filtered by trusted sources. As founder and CEO Chris Smith shares with CH, “Growing up, movies, music and books were my window to the world. They shaped the person I became—and I found them all through friends as we passed around our latest discoveries. REX is the app equivalent to this experience.” REX’s president Ashley Lent Levinson adds, “We set out to build a positive place where people could share what they love, find new things to love, and celebrate creative achievements with like-minded enthusiasts. Over the last two years, we’ve poured our hearts into REX.”

In addition to Smith and Levinson, there’s quite a bit of talent behind the app—including former Tumblr president John Maloney and Vampire Weekend member Rostam Batmanglij (who named the app and consults on the UX and design). The vision, however, is all about clarity. And with switching from an explore page to an activity page and being able to geolocate within the app, it’s very easy to navigate. Even a music track recommendation can be immediately opened in an array of connected apps. This isn’t just for the culturally inclined, it’s easy enough for anyone bored of struggling for good recommendations.

Download the REX iOS app free from the iTunes store.

Images courtesy of REX